Achieving playspace equity

When kids don’t have a place to play, something’s fundamentally wrong. A community that lacks access to quality playspaces also misses out on the chance to give kids the joys of childhood and the physical, emotional and social benefits of play. And all too often, this more deeply affects communities of color. So let’s end it.

For kids. For communities. For good.

The Play Everywhere Challenge

Given the right opportunity, kids will play just about anywhere. So the Play Everywhere Challenge was all about incorporating play into the daily lives of kids in unexpected ways. Swings at bus stops. Play zones at laundromats. Sidewalks converted to racetracks with speedometers. And with over 52 grantees and over $3.4 million invested, the project was a monumental success, funding innovative playspaces in every county that the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation serves in Southeast Michigan and Western New York.

Unique Playground Builds

Few things encourage play like the magic of an imaginatively constructed playground. Especially if it’s designed with creativity and thoughtfulness. So we teamed up with communities—and some of the best designers in the world—to build playgrounds that kids will remember and love for a lifetime.

Play Everywhere Challenge Grantees

See where new playspaces have been built across Western New York and Southeast Michigan!

Want a play space in your community?

The Built to Play – 2020 Play Everywhere Design Challenge – awarded play space grants in early 2021. At this time, there are no open grant opportunities.

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